• Best Sell Dead Burnt Maganiste

    Best Sell Dead Burnt Maganiste

    Reburned magnesia: The magnesite from 46% to 46.5% is sintered through a tin shaft kiln. The content of MgO is high, and the content of re-burned magnesia is usually between 90 and 93%. It is a raw material for producing ordinary magnesia bricks and amorphous refractories. The calcined magnesia is mainly made of 46% magnesite ore, which is calcined at 1600 °C-1800 °C through a layer of coal of magnesite in the iron kiln. The production process is that two tons of ore produce one ton of burnt magnesia and the products are divided into three grades; one, the kiln reburning magnesia, the second, the underburned calcined magnesia, and the third, the large piece of burnt magnesia. The main color of the burnt magnesia product is hard reddish brown, and the burnt magnesia product is characterized by high refractoriness. Use of burnt magnesia products: The products are used in magnesia bricks, magnesia-aluminum bricks, magnesia-chrome bricks, spray materials, castables, dry materials, spread materials, repair materials, asphalt, casting, fireproof and thermal insulation materials, flux accessories, Electrical steelmaking furnace, heating furnace, rotary furnace, steel making, electric furnace bottom and lining.

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