• 2006
    Founding Time
  • 400000+
    Annual production capacity tons
  • 20%
    Senior talent
  • 100+
    Countries Served

Naicher Advanced Materials (Yingkou) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of zirconium, titanium and aluminum products. The main product of the company at the beginning was titanium tetrachloride. After years of technology research and development and business expansion, the company’s main products have now expanded to titanium tetrachloride, zirconium tetrachloride, zircon sand, zircon powder, rutile, More than a dozen zirconium-titanium-aluminum products such as ilmenite, sillimanite powder and kyanite powder have laid a solid foundation for the company's future strategic goal of "extending the industrial chain and achieving product diversification".