Domestic zircon sand prices have risen


At present, the zircon sand mining in Wenchang area is seriously insufficient. The Shanghai South area has been suspended for more than one month. The supply of the concentrator is very tight. Many enterprises have suspended the offer because they are out of stock.

It is understood that with the sharp increase in the price of zircon sand abroad, the price of imported medium ore is also rising, the cost of zircon sand must rise, and the current ex-factory price of 65% of high-grade sand is 8900-9000 yuan. / ton, ex-factory price including tax 9800-9900 yuan / ton.

Most of the foreign tailings are underwritten by large ore dressing plants. Most of the small ore dressing plants have very limited mineral resources. Therefore, some refineries are reluctant to sell. Even if the price of zircon sand is rising, they are not willing to ship large quantities. Raw materials are not available.

The domestic supply of zircon sand is tight, and the downstream search for goods has increased. The domestic zircon sand price is close to or higher than the price of foreign zircon sand.


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