• Best Zircon Flour

Best Zircon Flour

Brand Naicher

Product origin Yingkou China

specialized in dry milled zircon for over a half century. Our state of the art equipment and commitment to continuous improvement have established us as the standard of the industry. We produce standard products such as 200, 325, 400 and 600 mesh milled zircon. For customers that have custom particle size sepecifications, we are fully equipped to meet your desired specifications.

We also market and package granular zircon to complete our wide range of zircon products.


Best Zircon Flour

Best Zircon Flour

Zircon flour is manufactured by milling zircon sand, usually in ball mills, either in the dry state or in a slurry.

It is used in a variety of applications, including ceramic frits, foundry mould coatings, ceramic shells for investment casting, refractories, friction products, insulating fibres and glass.

Depending on the application, there are various specifications for particle size, typically -200 mesh (-75 μm) and -325 mesh (-45 μm).

Zircon flour is packaged in bulk bags or paper sacks, or delivered in tankers (as powder or slurry/slop).


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