• zirconyl chloride

zirconyl chloride

Brand Naicher

Product origin Yingkou China

The compound is prepared by dissolving zirconium tetrachloride, ZrCl4, or sodium zirconate, Na4ZrO4, in hydrochloric acid solution followed by evaporation to obtain crystals of octahydrate.
Also, the compound can be prepared by reacting zirconium tetrachloride with chlorine oxide:
ZrCl4 + Cl2O → ZrOCl2 + 2Cl2

zirconyl chloride

Zirconyl chloride is used to make pigment toners and improve properties of color lakes of acid and basic dyes. Also, it is used to prepare body deodorants and antiperspirant, water repellant, dye precipitant, catalysts, and many zirconium compounds.

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